Turks and Caicos

Raise Your Vibration with Time for You in 5 Days

How to Move from Stressed and Tired, to Energized and Joyful in Paradise!

A Transformational Fitness and Self-Care Retreat

Beaches Resort, by Sandals

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Somewhere down in the islands, in a faraway place, you find yourself on a beach. 

The ocean waters are crystal clear, and the breeze is running through your hair. 

You feel the warmth on your face. 

You are at peace. 

You’ve left behind the hustle and stress of your everyday life, and all the commitments that are piled on you daily.

It’s hard to make time for you. 

In fact, it’s a real struggle. 

And you long for a way to prioritize yourself without feeling like it’s just ONE MORE THING to do.

Some days you are just worn out.  Exhausted. 

So many depend on you and need you.  And you KNOW what you SHOULD do. 

After all, you’re successful, and you have SO MUCH to be proud of. 

What would it be like to really FEEL energetic, and vibrant every day?

What would having some calm and consistency in your daily routine be like? What would it FEEL like?

You wonder if you can actually stick with a real routine.  Can you do it and stick with it long-term?  After all, with the demands on your time, you wonder. 

And some days your body really talks to you.  

You feel tight and tense--and your joints let you know when you are doing too much. 

You have some anxious thoughts, even some shame. 

‘How did I get here?’ you wonder? 

You crave spaciousness and time, and you WANT to RECLAIM your energy and strength!

You WANT to enjoy your life--and be able to do ALL the things with ALL the people you love and care about! 

Guess what? 
It IS Possible!

Beaches by Sandals
Beaches by Sandals
Beaches by Sandals

Are you ready to GO!

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$500 Deposit 

"My work schedule is long hours, often stretching into the night.  I had convinced myself that it was just too hard to work time in for me and still attend to all my responsibilities.  This retreat completely changed what I thought about HOW I can not just ensure I get time for me, but that I actually CAN do it.  I can’t thank you enough for helping me get my life back!"

- Colleen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Join me for this amazing life-changing experience. The absolute PERFECT Get Away! 

  • Get ready to RAISE your Vibration on PRISTINE white beaches.
  • Regain your Clarity as crystal clear as the beautiful blue waters. 
  • Claim your sense of strength and self-love within a tropical island setting. 

Each day we will take part in a variety of activities--all aimed at helping you reclaim yourself, through using our 6-Step Fit LIfe System.  

We’ll enjoy a private dinner together as a group one evening and we’ll also enjoy an excursion offshore. 

And you’ll have time DAILY for you to spend as you wish!  

Photos from our past event in Key West 2020

Key West 2020
Key West 2020
Key West 2020

Are you inspired and ready to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION?

"I have work responsibilities in two different cities and spend time each week traveling--plus hold down a household.  Getting time in for me to take care of myself is just non-existent most days. Attending this retreat helped me completely change my mindset around what truly IS possible for me. Not only did the time we spend doing workouts and meditation prove to be meaningful for me on many levels, but I feel completely recharged and rejuvenated.  I'm more motivated than ever to make time for myself.  Thank you, Alison!"

- Sharon, St. Petersburg, FL and Raleigh, NC

Here's what we'll do:

  • We will be at Beaches Resort--a luxurious all-inclusive resort. Beaches is the PREMIER resort in the Caribbean. Your luxurious room is complete with all amenities.  
  • Breakfast and daily intention checks and mindset practices each morning.
  • Energizing workouts daily. We will have access to Beaches' amazing, fully-equipped fitness center. Restorative Yoga Flow workouts outdoors.  
  • Fitness and self-care activities aimed at helping you expand and raise your overall vibration so you can ditch the limiting beliefs, craft a real ‘blueprint’ plan for you, and embrace the real lifestyle change you crave. 
  • Offshore excursion one day to explore the beautiful tropical waters and landscape and truly envision what is possible for you. (Hint--It ALL is possible!).  
  • Private coaching to help you navigate your fitness and self-care plans.  
  • Downtime for you to rest and relax daily.  

And more!


Sunday, October 3rd Arrive in Turks and Caicos (Providenciales Airport)
Check-in after 3 pm Beaches provides an airport transfer from the airport to the property. Welcome Reception

Private Coaching Available  

Day 1: Oct. 4th

Breakfast &
Mindset Check

Outdoor Workout


The Journey to Your Next Level: Raising Your Vibration with Your Island Compass

(with group)

Mapping Our Your Journey- What do You Need to BELIEVE to Walk Your Vibrational Path on Your Compass?
(interactive session)


Afternoon Stretch

Group Share

(with group)

Evening Activity (TBA)

Day 2: Oct. 5th

Breakfast &
Mindset Check

Intention &
Question Cards

(fitness center)

Water Break

Morning Session (TBA)

(on your own or with new friends)

Off Shore Excursion

Group Share

(on your own or with new friends)

Day 3: Oct. 6th

Breakfast &
Mindset Check

Beliefs Exercise

Outdoor Workout


Energy Eating & Metabolism
Juicing Demo

(on your own or with new friends)

Afternoon Session (TBA)

Private Coaching (if desired)

Group Share

Dinner (with group)

Evening Activity: What Does Your NEW Vibration Look Like? (interactive)

Thursday, October 4th 1/2 Day Program
Breakfast & Mindset Check (interactive)
Magic Journey Exercise with Cards
Group Share

Check-out or extend your stay

What's Included:

  • Room* and all meals, snacks and drinks**
  • Hotel Porterage
  • Unlimited 5 Star Global Gourmet 
  • All land and water sports. Scuba diving included for certified divers.
  • Complimentary welcome beverage and welcome reception
  • Nightly entertainment
  • All retreat activities- workouts, daily sessions and access to the fitness center
  • Group excursions
  • Gift bag and retreat materials
  • Welcome receptionTransportation to and from the airport
  • Hotel taxes and gratuities
  • Private coaching time (if desired) 
  • Plus more surprises!

* Your room has all amenities, complimentary WIFI, access to the fitness center, all land and water sports, use of the pools, and ground activities.

** Drinks include premium and unlimited liquors, wine and beer at all the restaurants, bars. The Key West Luxury Concierge Rooms have a stocked fridge.

Spa appointments can be arranged.

We can also work with you to extend your time at Beaches.

Not Included:

You can fly from most major airports into Turks and Caicos, Providenciales Airport. Preferred airlines include JetBlue, American and Delta. Book "Main Cabin" to select your seats in advance.  

Beaches by Sandals- Gym
Beaches by Sandals- Beach Yoga
Beaches by Sandals- Food

Pack your bags and head on down!

Save My Spot!
$500 Deposit 
Kate Testimonial

"As a Type 1 Diabetic, I know I need to ensure I get regular exercise and self-care on a daily basis. As a former full-time fitness instructor, I used to be able to do that. Working a demanding job and taking care of my family keeps me on the go and I struggle with keeping my fitness in check. I knew I needed a change and a reset--and this retreat was a game-changer for me. I am working on the changes Alison helped me navigate in Key West, and can already see a difference in my energy, and my insulin levels are better managed too. I feel like I can be a better role model and enjoy my life. So much love for this! Thank you! Can’t wait to attend this next year!"

- Kate, Port St. Lucie, Florida

You will see transformative change in:

Strength icon


Create a realistic fitness plan based on our functional strength training approach that will work in your schedule!



Learn how to make time to recharge. It's not just a gift for yourself but for your loved ones as well.

Beliefs Icon


Overcome the feelings of shame and guilt you feel when you have trouble prioritizing yourself and realize that you CAN have it all.  

Beaches, the PREMIER luxury property in the Caribbean 

This one-of-a-kind resort provides endless land and water sports, and luxury which is unparalleled in the rooms and suites.  

It is the perfect location for our amazing life-changing experience to ensure you RAISE YOUR VIBRATION for YOU. 

Choose one of the following options!

French Village Luxury - only 8 1 available
2 queen beds or 1 king
We will try our best to accommodate the bedding choice.

Located in the French Village complex.
Pool and Garden View


Payment options:**
4 payments of $1,475
5 payments of $1,180

1/2 Payment*
Walk Out Room

Caribbean Premium Walkout - SOLD OUT
2 double beds or 1 king
We will try our best to accommodate the bedding choice.

Located on the first floor of the main building.
Pool and Garden View


Payment options:**
4 payments of $1,350
5 payments of $1,085

Luxury Concierge

Key West Luxury Concierge Room - SOLD OUT
Concierge Level entitles you to concierge service
and an in-room stocked fridge.


Payment options:**
3 payments of $2,285
4 payments of $1,750

We will be adding other room types to this page so stay tuned!  To guarantee a room- BOOK YOUR SPOT!

*Invoice will be emailed for the balance.
**Payment options require a $500 deposit. Invoices will be emailed for the balance.

Are you ready to GO!

Additional Information

Military, Police and Fire Discount

We are happy to extend an additional 10% discount for military, police, or firefighters.  Send me a message at cufitnesspt@gmail.com to get this discount.  Please NOTE:  you will be required to show proper identification at check-in at Beaches to get this deal.   

Air Transportation

We do suggest you book your own flights. We will need your flight info 70 days prior to arrival.  

Need assistance? We can help you with your flights! Booking your flight with us will require you to purchase travel insurance at $114/pp. We will provide you with the travel protection policy information BEFORE any flights are booked.

Booking Instructions

Please book your spot for the CU in Turks & Caicos Retreat ONLY through this page. Booking via the Save My Spot buttons on this site ensures that you receive our contracted group discount rate, which is 10% off each room plus an additional $150 savings as a booking bonus. If you book the resort outside of our registration link, these benefits (and others!) cannot be provided to you.

More Helpful Information

We will also be furnished with a detailed packing list and helpful destination information for Beaches T&C. If you book the resort outside of our Save My Spot link, these benefits cannot be provided to you.

Are you a Sandals Select Guest member? You may redeem awards and qualify for SSG points with this visit. Please send me a message at cufitnesspt@gmail.com with your SSG number. 


Alison Katschkowsky

Alison is a native North Carolinian—born in Durham, and raised in Shelby, and she has lived all over the state.  

During graduate school, Alison became a group fitness instructor and fitness expert and throughout her 30+ year career has enjoyed working with others both privately and in group settings to help coach and inspire them to achieve a higher level of health, fitness and longevity through a number of practices.   

Alison owns CU Fitness, holds numerous certifications both in training and within the group fitness industry, dabbles in “athleisure” clothing and style (check out her line—La Senorita Jolie—all American made), enjoys writing for several health and fitness publications, has a podcast, “The Ultimate Journey in Self-Care” and is currently writing a book.