Ready to position your business and expertise for growth in 2022?

Do you wonder how you can stand out online and attract more of your ideal clients?

Are you thinking of giving yourself a 'refresh' on your offers?

Time to change things up?

Then I have something for you!

Join me for my FREE MASTER CLASS: How to Position and Grow your DREAM Health and Fitness Business for 2022!

This class is for you if you are a:

Fitness coach

Gym or studio owner

Yoga professional

Health or life coach

Reike practioner or trainer

Wellness entrepreneur

Esthetics or skin care professional

Spiritual healer 

Massage therapist  


Physical therapist

Sports trainer

Fitness enthusiast

Marketer with a product to sell

Coach, Therapist or Counselor

Even if you have a brick and mortar location or practice,
being online is KEY for success!


The way we operate and do business has changed over the last couple of years.  The digital world has grown exponentially and is only getting bigger. Having an online presence is a MUST!

As a 25 year entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry, I have just about seen and done it all. 

I built my business with $1000 in the bank and a clean credit card back when there was barely any internet or social media. And since then I have served thousands of clients and built out an online platform with my signature system, an online membership portal, and created a unique retreat program design to help me better serve my clients.   

And now I am serving entrepreneurs in helping them build their businesses with unique offers and ways to serve their audiences using the online space.  

Entrepreneurs like you.  

I get where you are, and I know what you want.  

In this unique master class, I’ll give you a peek behind the curtain of EXACTLY how I go about creating offers and mapping out plans. 

That’s right, I'm giving you the REAL DEAL. Are you in? 

Here's what I'll cover:

  • A snapshot of my unique 4 pillar system.
  • Unique, proven ways to build & grow your online footprint and audience.
  • Insight into how I have built a multi 6-figure business using both in-person and online programs.
  • Tips for collaboration and forming partnerships.
  • The opportunity to get FREE coaching from me on one of your offers

And it's all FREE to you!

This isn't just another online event.

In the health, fitness, and wellness space, there are THOUSANDS of people just like you trying to get noticed and be seen. 

I’ve built my career on proven strategies with top-level support and my methods work.  

And I want to see you SOAR in 2022. 

So join me, and let's have some fun!

Join me for this amazing FREE MASTERCLASS!
How to Position and Grow Your DREAM Health and Fitness Business for 2022!

You won't regret it!

Date and time

December 13, 2021
2pm EST


Innovate & Grow for Fitness, Health, Wellness & Coaching Entrepreneurs