CU in the Keys Bonus Day

Enjoy a day to yourself to map out your 2021 plans and beyond!

Suite Dreams Inn by the Beach


Look, 2020 wasn't what we thought.  That doesn't mean we can't DECIDE that 2021 will be different. 

It all starts with a thought for us.  

We'll spend some time mapping our your end of the year, and your 2021 plans.  And we'll CELEBRATE YOU for saying YES to you.

For years, I put EVERYONE and EVERYTHING ahead of me. I have let my own health and self-care go as well as my fitness. I don’t like the way I feel and I’m ashamed I’ve let it get this far.  

I know what I need to do. I consider myself reasonably smart--most things in my life I have done well. I have tried to do things for me before, but it’s hard to feel like you’re making progress when you are doing ALL the things. I want something different.  

Come down and enjoy a day to yourself--a chance to get some PRIVATE time for you  

Enjoy some luxury for yourself, by our private pool, and some attention to your self-care plans.  

Go home a better version of you--energized and excited because you said YES.  

Are you inspired and excited?! 

Are you ready to Transform your Life with Time for You 2020?

Pack your bags and head down!


To be announced soon!

Transform Your Life Now

Your $500 deposit will guarentee your spot!

VIP Bonus Days- Only 2 Spots Left!

Come down and spend private time to focus on you without the group.  

Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Includes a private room, private pool, coaching plus lunch.

Or add the Bonus VIP days to the retreat price and save 25% on the retreat price. 

Alison Katschkowsky

Alison Katschkowsky

Alison is a native North Carolinean—born in Durham, and raised in Shelby, she has lived all over the state. Alison attended Meredith College and finished her BA at UNC Charlotte, and her MA at East Carolina University. The oldest of 4 children, Alison grew up in a medical family and is a veteran swimmer. Her interest in sports and athletics led her to a competitive swimming and bodybuilding career through school and is largely responsible for directing her to the health and fitness field. During graduate school, Alison became a group fitness instructor and fitness expert and throughout her 30+ year career has enjoyed working with others both privately and in group settings to help coach and inspire them to achieve a higher level of health, fitness and longevity through a number of practices. Alison owns her own fitness studio (CU Fitness), and holds numerous certifications both in training and within the group fitness industry, dabbles in athleisure clothing and style (check out her line—La Senorita Jolie—all American made), enjoys writing for several health and fitness publications and is currently writing a book. She is the founder of the ‘Ultimate Fitness Club’—an on line fitness forum providing short challenging workouts and support for the time challenged busy person. She hopes one day to have her own podcast.