Half-Day VIP Experience

Saturday, October 23 1-5pm

Body Sculptors

Greenville, NC

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What if the life you desired for yourself was right in front of you? 

Are you ready to claim it?

2022 is right around the corner.  

You’re thinking about what could be next for you as 2021 is in it’s twilight. 

What could 2022 bring? 

You’re ready for transformative change. 

You look back over 2021 and think of how much you have been through. 

You’re proud of yourself.  You’ve accomplished a lot.  

But deep down inside, you are thinking you want something MORE. 

You think about what you still really desire for your life. 

And you are looking for an opportunity to DREAM and ENVISION what your 2022 can look like. 

You think about how you long to feel young and vibrant again.  Energetic.  And to feel like you can nurture yourself in addition to all that is in your world.  

You’re conflicted about the thought of adding ‘more things’  to your plate --Would it send you over the edge? 

We often think that slowing down is the LAST THING we can do when our lives are so full.  

You desperately want to find some normalcy in your daily routine so you can find yourself again. 

You desire clarity on what is ahead for you.   

You crave spaciousness, peace and the feeling you have it ALL in your life.  

After all, you want to ENJOY your life.  So you can energetically and excitedly say YES to all the things you desire to do with your family and your loved ones--the people that mean the most to you. 

Guess what? 

What you desire for you IS possible--and an opportunity to pursue it is in your backyard! 


Join Alison and Peach for a special one-of-a-kind, incredible immersive experience!


Envision Your 2022 VIP Half-Day is here and you are invited!

$79 Early Bird Discount
until October 3rd (Reg. $99)

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Spend some time with like-minded people, in community, in a sacred space to dedicate to YOU! 

What if you could ditch the limiting beliefs that
are holding you back and replace them with thoughts that SERVE you and your new plan for you?  

Realize your true strength? 

Release the stress and tension that is weighing you down and raise your energy levels? 

Best of all, you can overcome the feelings of shame and guilt you feel when you have trouble prioritizing yourself and realize that you CAN have it all. 

It’s difficult to get time for you.  And it’s time to change that, once and for all. 

Join us in Greenville, NC for Envision Your 2022 VIP Experience

What we'll do:

When you join us for this amazing half-day experience, you get:

  • Sacred time with an intimate small group for community and conversation
  • Yoga Flow workout to release stress and tension
  • Special mindset session to help you craft new beliefs that align with your 2022 goals
  • Light food and beverages
  • Raffle drawing to win prizes
  • Gift bag

An AMAZING value--and when you claim your seat you can take advantage of special early bird pricing!

$79 Early Bird Discount
until October 3rd (Reg. $99)

Alison Katschkowsky and Peach Meek are fellow fitness colleagues and good friends--both have over 30 years experience in the fitness industry, and have partnered on events like destination fitness retreats and other fitness experiences.  They recently were part of one of Alison’s retreat experiences in Key West and work well together as they compliment each others’ body of work well. 

Alison does transformative fitness experiences in many different locations--including Key West--she takes clients to exotic locations like Turks and Caicos, and also to popular local spots like Blowing Rock, Beech Mountain and Nags Head too, in addition to doing regular daily events in Raleigh.

Peach is a Greenville native--a former teacher, she has numerous years experience teaching in group fitness and is the group fitness manager for Champions Health and Fitness.  She is also a RY200 teacher, and is the owner and operator of Lotus Love Yoga Studio and does private and group instruction. 

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