A Visionary Self-Care Experience

May 1-6, 2022 | Key West, FL

I'm Coming!

What do you believe about your future self?

Are you ready to explore and transform into the future version of yourself?

Join Us!

 In a world that teaches us to measure our success and identity by watching others, the thought and vision of your ‘future self’ can seem like a far-fetched fantasy. 

But in Key West, the southernmost city in the USA, the version of you that is connected to your future exists. 

It’s a place that transcends nature. 



Surrounded by two bodies of water and connected to the US mainland via 130 miles of bridges and 2 lane roads–it’s a paradise like no other. 

Beautiful ocean waves, warm breezes and even the sounds of birds are always present. 

Even Roosters!  You can always hear one.  Some of them will even come right up to you. 

Because Roosters symbolize prosperity and promise. 

It’s a symbol of what is available for you.  

You are ready for what is next.    

The thoughts and beliefs of what you have accomplished thus far, have gotten you here. 

And now you’re ready for the beliefs that will carry you to what is ahead for you. 

To your vision.  To all that you desire for your life. 

You have accomplished SO MUCH.  And you should be proud of yourself.

But you feel a calling, even a pull, to something bigger for you. 





You know how to take care of yourself.   You’ve done it before. 

Activity, self-care, eating to fuel your body, fun and connection.  

And you are ready to step in to what is in your VISION for your future.  

You feel it. 

Better yet, you are being pulled towards it.  

Like a compass that helps you find where you are headed, your vision and purpose for your life serves as that guide.  

It’s magnetizing.  

You long for connection to your greater purpose. One that connects you to having impact, and fulfillment.  

And to get there, you desire a framework and plan that allows you to take care of your physical body and mind, strengthen your resolve and mindset, and nourish your soul.  

You desire spaciousness and creativity. 

Energy and freedom.  

Growth, enjoyment and laughter.  

Connection and fulfillment.  


And find the path that leads you to that NEXT LEVEL version of you. 





Your life is demanding and overscheduled.   

And deep down, you wonder if you can make it all work.  Somehow.  

Guess what? 

It’s waiting for you–when you join us in Key West in May 2022 for this life-changing event!

This 5-day experience in the southernmost city in the USA is EXACTLY what will lead you to your VISION, your PURPOSE, your FUTURE. 

This unique experience awaits you on the other side of YES!


What if you...

could craft a real blueprint? Your own COMPASS path, that could lead you into the life you desire for you?

could honor your body and mind through a real self-care routine that pays you dividends and gives you a REAL return on your investment?

had REAL connection and enjoyment at the same time?

could gain the clarity and purpose you seek?

ditch the beliefs that are no longer serving you in your growth path, AND create new ones that are?

It’s ALL possible when you join us! We’ll meet you where you are, and walk the path TOGETHER.  

Here's What We'll Do:

  • Spend time together daily as a group to dive in, set intentions, and craft a REAL belief plan around your NEW vision.
  • Design your own "COMPASS PATH' with attention to ALL details so it works FOR YOU.
  • Take a bike tour with a local guide to explore the island, its sights, smells, and fruits- literally!
  • Enjoy delicious food and energizing meals prepared on-site.
  • Share together in daily workouts and activity sessions. 
  • Set sail with a breathtaking captained sunset cruise into the ocean waters
  • Craft a REAL blueprint that speaks to your fitness and self-care goals, as well as your big-picture visionary plan.
  • Downtime for you to relax and enjoy our island paradise daily.  

Don't take our word for it!
Hear from some of our past participants:



"I said yes to this experience and it changed it all for me.  As an entrepreneur in a service profession, I find that so much of my time is doing for others--down to reworking my schedule every week.  I find a lot of my weekends sucked up in planning mode.  Joining Alison in Turks and Caicos this past October was a game-changer.  I not only was able to detach from what was wearing me down but was able to plug into a community of like-minded people in a beautiful inspiring paradise and come away with a REAL plan and beliefs to go with it.  Make the investment in yourself and say YES!" 


"My work schedule is long hours, often stretching into the night.  I had convinced myself that it was just too hard to work time in for me and still attend to all my responsibilities.  This retreat completely changed what I thought about HOW I can not just ensure I get time for me, but that I actually CAN do it.  I can’t thank you enough for helping me get my life back!"





"Coming into retirement, I was looking for some direction on what could be next. I had made work and family my life, and after my divorce, I wasn't sure how to move forward. I wanted some clarity on how to look after myself and enjoy the next phase of my life. Doing Alison's event in Key West in December of 2021 provided me with some REAL tools I can use going forward, and I'm noticing big changes in my life already! I can't wait to get to the next one!"



*We are still adjusting the dates and times.

May 1

Check In 4pm

Welcome Reception

(on your own)

May 2

Breakfast and Intention Check In
(on site)

Morning Workout

Morning Session
(off site)


Afternoon Session

Wrap Up

(on your own)

May 3

Breakfast and Intention Check In
(on site)

Key West Bike Tour



Afternoon Session

Wrap Up

(on your own)

May 4

Breakfast and Intention Check In

Group Activity

Morning Workout
(Mallory Square)



Free Time

Afternoon Activity
(off site)

(on your own)

May 5

Breakfast and Intention Check In

Group Activity

Morning Workout


Morning Session



Afternoon Session


Harbor & Sunset Experience

May 6

Breakfast and Intention Check In


Wrap Up

Check Out or Extend Your Stay!

What's Included:

  • Room and bath for five nights in a private property with a pool
  • Breakfast, four lunches, snacks, bottled and sparkling waters, juice
  • Guided bike tour
  • Sunset sail and dinner experience
  • On-site workouts
  • Outdoor activities
  • Retreat and compass playbook
  • Welcome reception and gift
  • Group dinner one evening
  • 30-days of follow up support via our "Accountability Upgrade"
  • And we ALWAYS have surprises!

Not Included:
• Transportation to Key West*
• Parking fees if you drive (Key West is a small island and street parking is limited.)
• Additional entertainment if you desire
• Three dinners (Food storage is available in the kitchen or in a fridge in your room.)

*You can fly into Key West (EYW) from just about anywhere on the mainland, or you can drive from Miami or For Lauderdale. You can also take the Key West Express Ferry from the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.


EXACTLY what I needed.

"I needed a chance to focus on me, and get some clarity on what was next for me--this retreat was EXACTLY what I needed! Highly recommend!' 


Ready to say YES?
Ready to say YES to it ALL?


Option 1- Private House

Option 1:

Room in the house with bath, private or shared

2 Available
$4945 Early Bird $4150

Option 2- Fitch Lodge

Option 2:

Shared room, Fitch Lodge
2 queen beds, private bath

1 Available SOLD OUT
$5995 Early Bird $5295

Option 3- Fitch Lodge

Option 3:

Private room, Fitch Lodge
Queen bed, private bath

2 Available 1 Available
$6750 Early Bird $5995

Option 4- Fitch Lodge

Option 4:

Private room, Fitch Lodge
King bed, private bath, patio

2 Available 1 Available
$6850 Early Bird $6195

Early bird pricing expires February 1, 2022.

Fitch Lodge Key West

Fitch Lodge

A Key West historic hotel.

Fitch Lodge 



“I had no idea what to expect coming on this retreat–a fitness retreat wasn’t on either of our radars.  We initially thought we just needed a ‘reset’ and ‘reboot’ on our physical plans, but what we got back was worth SO MUCH MORE.  Alison has a unique ability and talent to bring a group together for your benefit, and to draw out of you what you don’t think you need, but absolutely what you are looking for.  It exceeded all of our expectations and was life-changing."

Lisa and Lucia

Meet Alison

Alison is a native North Carolinian born in Durham and raised in Shelby, and she has lived all over the state.  

During graduate school, Alison became a group fitness instructor and fitness expert and throughout her, 30+ year career has enjoyed working with others both privately and in group settings to help coach and inspire them to achieve a higher level of health, fitness, and longevity through a number of practices.   

Alison owns CU Fitness, holds numerous certifications both in training and within the group fitness industry, dabbles in “athleisure” clothing and style (check out her line—La Senorita Jolie—all American made), enjoys writing for several health and fitness publications, has a podcast, “The Ultimate Journey in Self-Care” and is currently writing a book.

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