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March 8-13, 2020 


Sometimes, you just need to get away…  

Somewhere different. Even some place far away.  

How about Maui?  

We all get lost in the daily grind of the hustle and bustle. Life is just like that. And you can’t see your way out of the weeds when you are stuck in your current environment… constantly being reminded of all the things you do.  

It’s hard to see a new way when all you see is what is in front of you. You just get stuck.  

Life causes us to stay SO BUSY.  

We get overscheduled, trying to do ALL. THE. THINGS.  

Breaking through the built-up stress and tension that we know is so hard on us... physically and mentally... requires spending some time out of your normal routine to help give you a break and do something for YOU!  

A self care strategy is what can help you move forward, so you can get back to ENJOYING your life!  

We’re going to the Pacific---to Maui, HAWAII! And we want YOU you join us!  

Imagine the beautiful island paradise, complete with palm trees and beautiful sunsets--your own PERSONAL PARADISE, with Fitness, Fun, and RELAXATION! 

Where you can: Do some workouts Explore the island of Maui with nature hikes Learn about nutrients and self-care strategies AND even take in a luau  


Alison in Maui
Maui Sunset
Maui Lua
Maui Sunrise

Are you inspired and excited?! 

Are you ready to pack your bags and head out?

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CU in Hawaii

Don’t miss this opportunity to recharge, refresh, rejuvenate and return stronger than ever before. 


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Alison Katschkowsky

Alison Katschkowsky

Alison is a native North Carolinean—born in Durham, and raised in Shelby, she has lived all over the state. Alison attended Meredith College and finished her BA at UNC Charlotte, and her MA at East Carolina University. The oldest of 4 children, Alison grew up in a medical family and is a veteran swimmer. Her interest in sports and athletics led her to a competitive swimming and bodybuilding career through school and is largely responsible for directing her to the health and fitness field. During graduate school, Alison became a group fitness instructor and fitness expert and throughout her 30+ year career has enjoyed working with others both privately and in group settings to help coach and inspire them to achieve a higher level of health, fitness and longevity through a number of practices. Alison owns her own fitness studio (CU Fitness), and holds numerous certifications both in training and within the group fitness industry, dabbles in athleisure clothing and style (check out her line—La Senorita Jolie—all American made), enjoys writing for several health and fitness publications and is currently writing a book. She is the founder of the ‘Ultimate Fitness Club’—an on line fitness forum providing short challenging workouts and support for the time challenged busy person. She hopes one day to have her own podcast.